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Urban Goddess Arts

I view the Goddess as the inner beauty, the feminine power and compelling energy that is innate in every woman.  Goddess in part expresses beauty, femininity, sensuality … but it also exalts strength, vulnerability, inner peace, bravery, dedication, compassion, inclusivity, purity, love ….. many of which are inherent in all women.


In my work, I am inspired to shine creative light, on these amazing natural qualities in women. In some women these instinctive energies might have been restrained or subdued for a variety of reasons: May they be due to childhood or family-related issues, or as a result of cultural or global circumstances.  


I work through various mediums such as photography, painting, mixed media art, and film.  My art celebrates and honors the Goddess within every woman of all cultures, ethnicities, shapes, sizes, colors, ages ….  celebrating differences as well as samenesses.


I take great joy in helping in any way I can to unleash and free up women to be ourselves and stand in our own personal utmost power. I have made a part of my endeavor, doing personal work with women who are interested in unraveling and honoring their own beautiful Goddess Within, through personal and group coaching with the intention of creating artwork to represent their unique Goddess Within. 


My ultimate big vision is by invoking, bringing to Light, empowering and honoring these innate elements in women and in the world, so that the world can be more infused with the powerful, healing conscious Feminine Energy and so our world can be a more peaceful and enjoyable habitat for all humanity. 


May I be of Service, 


With all my love,